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Go Ainsley! It's Your Birthday! Shake it Your Way!

Today we had the pleasure of attending the 1st birthday party of Miss Ainsley Cleo Trezbetowski. The three of us had so much fun! Molly loved playing in Ainsley’s Baby Einstein Jumperoo. She was very content, just experiencing something different and being out among a crowd. As always, she LOVED all the people attending Ainsley’s party! Our friends, Traci and Michael, bought bubbles and big, bouncy balls for all the kids/babies who were there. That was a nice treat for Molly, as she didn’t have a ball before today. Our other friend, Lise, held onto Molly while Todd and I wolfed down our food, which was DELISH! Todd had a grilled burger after I ate a grilled ground chicken burger. Traci has a meat grinder, so she made good use of it this weekend and ground some chicken breasts to make us a GREAT source of protein, flavored with Eskimo Joes’ Fowl Thang sauce. DELISH!!! TOTALLY! Black bean salsa, homemade potato salad and loaded baked beans followed by birthday cake…YUM!

Ainsley is just adorable. She looks like BOTH her parents, depending on the ‘look’ she throws you. Usually, I say she favors Michael, but today I saw more of Traci in her than ever! This little girl is just adorable and she has the personality to prove it! We loved being at her party! Thanks for inviting us, Trezb family!

The Watts Family

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