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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Gig!

We are HOME and we are LOVING THAT! I love being at home. I also love to travel, so how crazy is that? I guess that means that no matter WHERE I am, I am at least happy and can make the MOST of it! LOL.

Molly did SOOOOOOOooooooooo well during our car rides to/from St. Louis. Seriously! She was a STAAAAAAAARRRR! She didn't fuss much, didn't cry a lot, and made Mommy and Daddy very happy with her manners in public! Yes, she smiled at almost EVERYONE! We always get so many complimnets on how happy Molly is. I'm like, "ooooh, she's happy NOW but if you could see her at home.....YIKES" but I don't say that of course.

I think she is bored of her Mommy and Daddy and the pussycats and puppy dogs! I think she is branching out. When we go to the court house she just coooooos and gurgles and blows raspberries at EVERYONE, followed by SMILES, of course!!!!! Yes, she likes to be among the crowds. I wonder, what does this mean? Do we have a socialite daughter?????? Because here at home I cannot calm her for love or money but out in a crowd she is fine and dandy. It's really frustrating for me, because working from home for myself, I get out maybe once or twice a week. It seems evident that Miss Molly needs to abget "out and out" at least once a day, and that is AT LEAST. UGH! She loves people. So do I; I just don't see the fasinination in them any longer, that's all! LOL.

We had a WONDERFUL time in St. Louis. Molly was the BEST baby! LOL. Our hostess, Patricia, even said so!



Oh yes, I almost forgot to report...we're getting a TOOTH! Yes, folks, it is there. You can feel it. It is on the bottom right side of Molly's mouth and it has been giving her lots of grief the past few days. She just screeeamed in pain the other night, but we gave her some nighttime Orajel and that seemed to calm her down, along with her Infant Tylenol. But yes, it's there, it's broken through the skin and we can feel it! How exciting is that?! I'm really nervous. I hope EVERY tooth isn't as treacherous to bring in as this first one has been!


Meet Me in St. Louis...

Well, we're pulling outta here in about 2 hours. What has ALWAYS been about an 8 hour trip is about to turn into an 11 or 12 hour trip with Miss Molly Piper in tow! That's okay, though! We're prepared! I'm equipped so I should NOT have another frantic meltdown like when we went to see the Yankees play. Todd's equipped; he is sleeping right now. Molly, hopefully, will be equipped. It's 2:00 AM and she woke up about 30 minutes ago (which she NEVER does) so hopefully she will tire herself out and then sleep for a looooooong time so we can make some good road time!

Look out Mets, because our Cardinals are gonnna KICK YOUR REARS!!!

See ya'll in about a week!


Exciting Developments!

Well...Miss Molly showed us her very first "belly laugh" the other afternoon! She laughed 3 times in a row and it was a hearty laugh! It was soooo adorable and she looked adorable doing it! Of course I had to mark it on her special calendar, "Molly's First Laugh", as we'd never heard her laugh before now! She has been smiling socially for several months now, but the laughing? I didn't know if it would EVER happen, but sure enough it did! YAY!

Also, Molly can sit up unassisted for 5 to 10 minutes. She eventually tumbles over, but we don't make a big deal about it because we know that is how she will learn to take things in stride (something Todd and I BOTH need to work on! HA!) so we just never make a big deal about it, and therefore, neither does she. Anyway, she sits up so well and I'm just amazed at how far my baby girl has come! WOW! 5 months old already! :)

Also?? She's starting to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees and backs herself up really, REALLY well, almost falling off the bed SEVERAL times and also crawling off of her pallate onto the carpet! I give it a few more weeks and I think the little booger will be going forward, full speed ahead. WOW! Guess it's time to break out the babyproofing kit, eh??



We are on our way out of state to see the Yankees play ball! YAY! Finally, mommy gets to lay eyes upon Derek Jeter's butt! This is the mile of smile that I get from Molly when I say that...shhhhhh...don't tell Todd....LOL..



Whatever Happened To....

What the heck ever happened to Hamburger Haven??? My mother used to take me there about once or twice a month, and it was in Tulsa, and I absolutely thought it was devine!

Have these kinds of places been replaced with the likes of Chili's or Panera? UGH!!!

Whatever happened to the kinds of dining establishmnets where you could go and have FUN rather than the boring ol' being seated, being broght your drinks, food, dessert? Again, UGH!!! I soooooooooooo long for the "homestyle" and the "fun" to be brought back into the restaraunt scene.

I want to experience with Molly the good times I had with my own mom while dining out...which we did a LOT in Tulsa...and NO, my daughter was NOT named for Molly Murphy's restaurant! LOL....



Whatever Happened To....

Yeah, so, whatever happened to Molly Murphy's? Yeah, I LOVED that place! I was probably 5 or 6 or 7 and got a HUGE kick out of the YMCA coming to our table and taking our order and pulling us out onto the dance floor....

It was probably 1983 or early 1984. My mom took my cousins and I there a lot, or so I remember! It was Tulsa's "hot spot" for families and I absolutely loved it! I remember several times being there with my cousins, my mommy ordering potato skins as an appetizer! On one occasion, my Aunt Betsy came with us and she was shocked at the bathroom "protocol"! LOL. They made her do the CAR WASH and it was a blast!!!!!! I will never forget these times. I also remember me, going out onto the dance floor alone. It was a rather small dance floor, considering the crowd that always came to Molly Murphy's, but still....I went alone...which is something I have done, and would totally still do today!

So THANKS to my mother for showing me the more "burlesque" side of life and letting me have the experience of havng fun! I will never forget it, nor will I ever forget how we ALWAYS asked where the bathroom was, just to be goofy!!!!! LOL. Wow, what a trip down memory lane....