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Bad Mommy?

Well, I've gone and done it: I propped Miss Molly up with a bottle! This NEVER happens. Sure, she hold her own ba-ba like a pro, but I have NEVER propped her up with one. UGH, but today I DID. Bad Mommy or DESPERATE MOMMY???? LOL. Desperate to get some work done, I put her on the couch, turned off the lamp and at first she started out holding her bottle, as she always does. But since I was not right there with her, she fell asleep drinking the bottle. I feel horrible, much like I did when she fell asleep in her swing while I was working.
I know most mommies would be like, "YOU GO, GIRL", or "YEAH, that's how you do it!!!" But I just feel horrible.... a baby and child and then as an adolescent, I had HORRIBLE ear infections. I do not know if this was because BOTH my parents smoked around me or because they propped me up with a bottle only to attend to other things, but still, I do NOT want that experience for my daughter. Here is a heartbreaking pic of her on the couch, ba-ba propped up (AFTER she dropped it onto her prop)!!!!!!

Tell me: Am I BAD MOMMY or what?!!!?????!! I hope not, but I CAN handle the honesty...i think....(LOL)...



Aaaah...just a few pictures to remember my "former" life....SO SIMPLE! SO open-and-shut! But....NOT so complete...NOPE...Not without my Molly Piper Watts.
No matter how matter how frustrating, at least at times....No matter how heartbreaking (like when she falls and hits her face or head against something that causes an ouch...) ...NOPE...
I could not ask for more.
I miss my old life, but love my "new" one. Yep...she JUST NOW pulled my Bath & Body Words Wall Flower out of the socket....
...and a mother's work is NEVER done....
liz, molly, todd

Molly's First 4th...2009

Our very own Little Miss America! :)

Happy Independence Day, Molly Piper! We hope it was as special for you as watching YOU watch the fireworks display was as special for us...
Love, Mommy and Daddy


Move, Mommy! I Can't See!

Molly absolutely LOVES Yo, Gabba Gabba!!!! It comes on Noggin several times a day. We always progam it for her, and today I pulled up their website. Why does this show MESMERIZE babies/kids like it does? Is it the bright colors? Is it the different segments? I don't know, but I hope I am doing the right thing by letting her watch has a lot to do with music, which Todd and I both love, but it also teaches a LESSON (care, friends, share, etc.) and I don't know if she is too young for this or not but she ADORES the show and that's at least 30 minutes I can get to read, write my shopping list, unload the dishwasher or WHATEVER I need to do. Yesterday I was able to wash my face and brush my teeth while the show was on. Thank goodness for Yo, Gabba Gabba!!!!
Until Next Time,
Liz and Molly Piper Watts

What's Your DILL, Pickle?

It's official...
Molly LOVES dill pickles!

So far, we've given Molly a bite of vanilla ice cream, mashed potatoes and dill pickles. She hasn't refused ANYTHING so far! LOL...just like her mommy and daddy, she LOVES food...!!