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Bad Mommy?

Well, I've gone and done it: I propped Miss Molly up with a bottle! This NEVER happens. Sure, she hold her own ba-ba like a pro, but I have NEVER propped her up with one. UGH, but today I DID. Bad Mommy or DESPERATE MOMMY???? LOL. Desperate to get some work done, I put her on the couch, turned off the lamp and at first she started out holding her bottle, as she always does. But since I was not right there with her, she fell asleep drinking the bottle. I feel horrible, much like I did when she fell asleep in her swing while I was working.
I know most mommies would be like, "YOU GO, GIRL", or "YEAH, that's how you do it!!!" But I just feel horrible.... a baby and child and then as an adolescent, I had HORRIBLE ear infections. I do not know if this was because BOTH my parents smoked around me or because they propped me up with a bottle only to attend to other things, but still, I do NOT want that experience for my daughter. Here is a heartbreaking pic of her on the couch, ba-ba propped up (AFTER she dropped it onto her prop)!!!!!!

Tell me: Am I BAD MOMMY or what?!!!?????!! I hope not, but I CAN handle the honesty...i think....(LOL)...


Anonymous said...

Yes, she looks horribly traumatized (sp??) by the events of the day. You need to relax that baby is perfectly fine. I should know!! If you find a mom that says she has never done this they are lying!!

Love ya,

Amber said...

You are not a bad mommy! My goodness... it's not like you do this every day/night, right? I mean, I let Jason's parents give Noah STEAK tonight! What was I thinking???? (little bits...but STLL!) Plus I found out my BFF gave Noah chocolate once when she was watching him. ACK!! We all do things once in a while... but it won't hurt them! If we did these things alllll the time, well that's another story!

I have to say... I've had such a good time catching up on miss Molly! She's growing so fast! (and I must admit, her falling asleep with the bottle is quite a cute picture!)

*big hugs*