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Oh, WOW oh WOW!

Oh Wow!!!

I stayed home today to study, I did NOT go to Molly's 9-month checkup....but I am TOTALLY surprised and proud of her, all the same! I'm also extremely proud of Todd, who played pro daddy at the baby's checkup appointment, answered all the doctor's questions and managed to wrangle her in/out of the doctor's building, lunch and Wal-Mart, all by his lonesome!!! Todd, I'm so proud of you! my world!!! LOL!!!! hehehehehe

Anyway...our Molly Piper is doing so well! Here are her stats:
height: 28.5 centimeters (90th percentile)
weight: 23.8 oz (95th percentile)
Head circumference: 46 centimeters (95.33 percentile), yeah, she has a big mellon...big brain, that is! LOL

Anyway, she is doing FABULOUSLY!!!!!! We are so proud of her. And?? The big news? She has 8 count 'em, 8 teeth!!! We only knew about 6 of them, but perhaps this explains the fever of 105.3 we dealt with a couple of weeknds ago. Who knows?

Oh, and another milestone? Our Sugar Boogie is now sleeping BY her OWN bed...for both naptime and at night...and we are SO proud of that!!!!!!! I turn on her "happiest baby on the block" CD and lay her down after she gives mommy and daddy some night-night kisses, and then we just leave her to her own devices. She might squeal a time or 2, but she is absolutely doing wonderfully if I do say so myself.

And me? I am excited but nervous to start my new job in a few weeks. I never intended to leave my baby with anyone else, but it is neessary for both my pocket book AND my sanity, the latter perhaps being my main concern at this point. I just cannot continue to be cooped inside this house with my kid all day, every day, for days at a stretch. It has really begun to show on my nerves and in my eyes and my skin: I'm a panicked, freaked-out, nervous wreck and I've done it to myself by not getting "out there" more than I have. What I have done i just not good enough, and so I must push myself to do more. I need people. I need adult conversatin. This is what I have learned from this experience. UGH!!! Oh, how I wish I could just be a content stay-at-home, work-from-home mommy, but alas, I have learned much in the fact that now, I know I canNOT do this and be satisfied. If I had the freedom financially to just sit around and stare at Molly and play with her, etc, sure, it might be a nice thing. But, I don't. I HAVE to work. I have financial obligations that I just simply cannot turn away from. Period. And so, I am doing what I need to do and I'm headed "back out there" to do it.

Is it bad of me to say that I'm utterly excitd about it????????????????

Until next time,
Elizabeth Ann Watts (unapologetic, too!!!)

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Anonymous said...

My Princess is getting too big too fast!! Give her some coffee and stunt her growth! (Just Kidding!!!) Give her kisses for me. No you are not a bad Mommy for going to work. It will actually make you a better Mommy if you are not stressed about money and no adult coversation. When you get home she will have more of your attention!

Love ya