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KATE + 8??? PUHleeeeeeeze!!

I just heard on the news that "Jon & Kate + 8" will now be called "Kate + 8".

What a crux!!!!!!

It doesn't make ANY sense!!!

JUST BECAUSE mom and dad are divorced does not NECESSARILY mean that Jon needs to be brought on in only "special appearances". UGH. This will set the scene for these kids' lives. TRUST ME. I KNOW.

In my day, it was "Patty + 1" but trust me, my dad DID come and get me every other weekend. He took good care of me while I was in his care, to the best of my knowledge, anyway. Sure, he had remarried and I had those WILD, STUPID siblings to contend with, but he was STILL my father and he STILL had a sort of parental claim to me. It wasn't like he was out of the picture just because he and my mother had divorced. Was he a great father? No. Was he a saint? DEFINITELY NO. Was he the best romodel? Again, NO, NO, NO. But still. He IS my dad and during the time that I was in his care before my mother died, he took good care of me. I remember him taking great care to cut up my eggs before I dove into them at breakfast. Did he HAVE to do that? No. Did he NEED to do that? No, of course not...I could do that myself. But still, I appreciate what measures he did take to make me comfortable and feel like a part of HIS family after my OWN family broke apart.

So. KATE + 8....I can't beLIEVE she let that happen. I just can't. In her shows, she ALWAYS has seemed fair and without judgment. To her husband, she has ALWAYS (ever since I"VE watched it) remained opinionated, yet open to his (FEW) comments. Still, whatever KATE says, Jon still has a legal access to his children.

The media makes me sick. I don't know if they're putting out the correct information or not, but certainly they have had their share of well-known UNtruths, and that just makes me sick.


Dad is STILL in the picture, even if he is not in the household. GET WITH IT!!! Not necessarily in MY childhood case, but I am seeing more and more that dads are getting the VERY short end of the stick when it comes to marriage dissolution where children are involved.

God bless,
Liz Watts

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