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Just a Little Yearbook Fun!

Oh, for Pete's sake, I HOWLED the night I found THIS little treasure! It's at and trust me, it's hilarious! I laughed so hard I couldn't catch my breath when I showed Todd his "yearbook pictures"! He was brushing his teeth at the time and I saw him crack a small smile, but I could tell he was NOT amused! LOL. If you have any free time, you've GOTTA go there and make your own photo! It's a hoot!

To kick things off, this is ME in Nifty 1960!



Liz's yearbook photo, circa 1974, below:
Below, that's ME in 1994. I don't recall my hair EVER looking that fried! Wow, look at all the hairspray! LOL.

Molly's mommy in 1998 (ummm, I actually graduated in 1995)!!

AND NOW...Let's see what TODD's pictures turned out like...

Above, Todd in 1960!!! SEXXXXXY!!!!!!!

Molly's daddy in 1974...Welcome Back Kotter? Or Steel Wool? Or a million spiders having a meeting on top of his head???! You decide!

Molly's Daddy in 1976. Doesn't he look sweet?!

...and here he is in 1988! He looks like a total meat head here. Nope, ladies and gentlemen, he was NOT impressed when I showed this to him! LOL.

...and in good ol' 1994! Uh, he actually graduated in 1994! Do you remember those dorky backgrounds in the so-called "spring pictures" at NHS?

...and FINALLY, the real US! This was taken on our 3rd wedding anniversary, 07/28/08! Todd is so adorable! :) Thanks for being such a good sport, Toddy. I love you so much! *kiss kiss*

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Candy said...

Hey girly Did you get a Bumbo? I have purple one if you did not get one and you want it...Believe me it is a LIFE SAVER and helps them sit up even faster...HUGS

I will be in Nowata tomorrow and on Halloween...I am going to try to remember to put it in hte car just in case you don't have one.

You can call the bank and tell me mom or have mom give you my phone number if you get this.