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Molly Piper's SUPER SWEET Nursery

...Well, the regular doors have been removed and the screen doors that Todd worked VERY hard on and did SO WELL on making, they are hung now! The furniture's put together, everything is washed and dried (in Dreft, of course!) and dusted and vacuumed and everything is just very put together right now. The car seat is installed and the stroller is loaded into the trunk! The monitor is under her crib and it's plugged in, just waiting for us to turn it on next week when we bring her home. The night light is installed. The dreamcatcher has been hung in the window with care. The room darkening shades are hanging in the window behind the long, flowing curtains I made. Her piggy bank has money in it already (courtesy of her daddy and grandma Rosa!) and her first-ever savings bond is safe in the safety deposit box at the bank.
...The changing "station" is well-stocked. We decided against using our changing table because this dresser had more room, so it just made more sense to use it instead. Molly has a TON of blankeys in baskets under her crib and in drawers! She has 4 Boppy covers, but my favorite is the Pottery Barn plushie our friend Traci had Sharon embroider for Molly. It's SO soft! The books are stocked, stacked and poised, ready to be read to Miss Molly Piper! The stuffed animals are ready to be played with (well, SOMEday soon!). Her clothes are hanging neatly in her closet and grouped by size/season, all ready to be filled with CHUBBY BABY! Her hamper is empty, but it's ready to be used! The diaper pail has yet to be christened with that first-ever diaper, but it, too, is on the ready.
...FredBird, St. Louis Cardinals mascot, is perched atop the BEAUTIFUL rocking horse that Amber's granddad made for Molly. These are 2 of my most favorite things in the entire room, FredBird and that rocking horse. I'll just bet in Summer '09 when Molly is taken to her FIRST OF MANY Cardinals games that she is scared of FredBird but maybe with this little guy that Todd and I made at the stadium this summer at the Build-A-Bear store, she will be used to seeing him and maybe he won't get to her as badly?! You think? LOL.
...AND LAST BUT certainly NOT LEAST...
Our bags are packed and ready to go to the hospital within the week! WOOOO HOOOOOOO! We cannot wait to meet our Molly Piper and find out just "WHO" she is and WHO she will become.

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Candy said...

I WANT MOLLY PICTURES if you didn't know that already...Hugs and I hope you all are doing well.