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Quick Update in Pictures...

Well, Well, Well...
It looks as though we have survived MUCH these past few months! Sorry it has taken so long to update this blog...but we have been SUPER DUPER busy and I've been SUPER excited...not to mention SUPER swollen and in SUPER DUPER pain from the knees down!

Anyway, take a look at all the exciting happenings the past few months....

First of all, well, I KNEW pregnancy could ruin a sista's teeth...but THIS?! WOW! Hehehhee. These are my hillbilly snags. I like to put 'em in my mouth and smile at people in the cars next to us at stop lights. They have mysteriously come up missing so I think Todd threw 'em out! He gets so embarrassed when I put on my Hillbilly Best!

...Above, this is Baby Jea's first birthday party! She is soooo sweet. September 2008.
...and this is Jea, too. I believe it was taken in June or July of 2008. Look at those sweet little cheeks! :)

...Above, this is what Jea USED to look like! This is how teeny tiny she USED to be. This photo of Jea and I was taken just days after she was born in September 2007. Wow, has she really grown! :)

...And this is my cousin Scott's wife, Jennifer... This picture was taken at HER baby shower on Labor Day of 2008. Isn't THAT fitting?! Labor Day! HA! She ended up delivering Taylor Rose Quinnelly on my uncle Bruce's birthday, September 24. How very cool is that? What a great birthday blessing! :)

...These two pictures were taken in September 2008. From Left to Right: Me, Amy, Uncle Butch, Aunt Rose, Uncle Bruce. We had just finished dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and of course I brought the camera!

Doesn't AMY look like her beautiful mom, ROSE?! I think so!

...Okay, don't pay any attention to the stretch marks, but here is my belly! This was taken sometime in September. Oh, how I wish I'd kept better track!! Still not with an excessive amount of weight gain, but my "regular" clothes were getting pretty tight at this point.

Another one taken in September. My hair was wet...and Todd looks SO serious here! LOL. That's not his usual look, either!

...SEE??! He couldn't stay THAT serious for THAT long!! I love this man sooooo much! *kiss kiss*

Oh, and MORE good news! We survived our Labor and Delivery Class. This was our Fake Baby. Daddy Toddy did a good job at putting on the first diaper of his whole entire life. I was very proud! There were 5 other couples in our class and we were all about to be first-time parents. The guys all spent time cracking each other up, cracking the teacher up (as well as exasperating her at times, I'm afraid!) asking some numbskull questions (ON PURPOSE, MIND YOU!!) and making their wives/girlfriends elbow, nudge or roll our eyes heavenward, LOL. They ALSO asked a lot of good questions, too. The Fake Baby looked like a zombie and we were a little disappointed in the CPR and car seat segements, but hey...after a month we MADE IT through!

Todd swaddled Fake Baby pretty well! You know I was impressed!!!! Was SHE??! It's kinda hard to tell...

In the next to the last class, all the guys had to wear the Sympathy Belly and follow our teacher's instructions on what to do. Let me tell you, ALLLLL the guys had fun with this one!! Each of them made us all lauuuugggggggh but when each gal's man got up there it was again time to ROLL THE EYES!!! Todd took the cake and if there'd been a vote, he'd have gotten Class Clown Honors...LOL... See for yourself!!

In early September (I THINK that's when it was...heck, my memory is shot these days, I can't remember!) my Aunt Kay and my cousin Ashley came over to paint the nursery for us. See, I wouldn't let Todd paint (because of the mess) and Todd wouldn't let me pain (because of the fumes) so these two ANGELS stepped in and painted for us, thus eliminating the mess for me and the worry for Todd. Thanks Ash & Kay!! Ya'll did a beautiful job and we really appreciate it! We know Molly will love the great colors because they are veryyyyyy soothing! :)

...don't you just want to tug Ashley's ponytail!?? LOL.

Aaaah, look at THESE lovelies! Okay, I know feet are way gross and all, but people, mine are SOOO swollen. They're almost 3 times their normal size. What is worse is that the swelling doesn't just stop with my goes alllll the way up my ankles, calves and just slightly past the tops of my knees. This particular picture was taken 2 weeks ago, when I was in my 36th week of pregnancy. They had been bad prior to that for about 2 weeks, and yes, they are STILL this bad, and some days they are WORSE. This weekend I spent ALL DAY on Saturday on the couch with my feet up because the bottoms and tops of my feet were so bruised. Seriously, it hurts to walk. I have to continually flip sides when I'm sleeping because if I don't, one leg will be even more swollen and puffy when I wake up. Check 'em out:

Seriously, it's hard to tell where my ankles end and my calves begin!

...EVEN AT MY HEAVIEST WEIGHT, I NEVER HAD LEGS AS FAT/PUFFY AS THESE BABIES!! My feet and ankles are so swollen and have been this way for so long now that there are actual red creases in the tops of my feet. The skin is all smooth and shiny; it looks like I'm wearing baby oil but I'm not. It's just that the skin is stretched, and it's tight as a drum, and so it looks very shiny and wet. Scary, eh?
...All I can say is THANK GOD for the 2 parking spaces at the mall reserved for New Mothers and mothers-to-be because it sure makes life better when you're out-to-here preggo and your lower extremities look and feel like rubber gloves filled with water!! Wal-Mart needs these. And so does just about every other spot that pregnant women venture...SO! JUST NEARLY EVERYWHERE! They do have them at Babies-R-Us, though, but that is a given! A store that sells baby-stuff-only OUGHT to make concessions for expecting customers, right?! Great idea, Babies-R-Us! Great idea! Now if only Lowe's, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, the bank and post office and, OhMyGod, the OB's office and the HOSPITAL would just catch on to this, the world would be a much more pleasant place for Us. And by 'us' I mean, you know, preggies and New Mothers!

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