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Hey readers! It's been a while, no?

Well, blame MOLLY PIPER for requiring so much of my attention that I haven't been able to update!


Seriously, she is the sweetest baby. Sure, she will let you know when she needs/wants something, but she just smiles and it melts my heart. I hold her and still wonder's weird, as if suddenly there's a giraffe in the room! Ha ha ha ha ha. But really, now I'm a bit more relaxed and able to have fun with her. Previousy, I stayed on pins and needles and I think SHE sensed it because it seemed SHE was on pins and needles! It seemed she wouldn't sleep during the day, like EVER! Maybe a 10 or 20-minute cat nap here or there, but now she sleeps for 3-hour stretches (uhh....just this week, since her Uncle Tony got her on a "schedule" over the past weekend!) and I am FINALLY able to get some stuff done around here! It is with great relief that I write: Molly Piper is perfect in my eyes. She is the sweetest baby with the biggest heart and soul and I am proud to be her mommy. When I see her, I see another dimension and it's amazing to me. I want to hold her and protect her a mom now, I totally understand this. Kids just mostly got on my nerves before! But now, after having Molly and becoming a parent myself, it is a totally different story. I can't believe how in love with her that I am and how nothing else in the world matters to me but her health, safety and happiness. Those first few months were HARRRRRRRRDDDD...OMG, I asked myself everyday just before I prayed to God to help me...."What have I gotten myself into?" but just recently we have all relaxed around here and now things are good in the 'hood! LOL.

Here are some pictures of my precious angel...ENJOY!!!

My grandma and grandpa Gorley came out to visit Molly! What a surprise, as they never go anywhere! WOW! The doorbell rang one evening and Todd and I looked at each other like, "Who's that? We're not expecting anyone!" But we have lived here for 4 years almost and they've never visited so we were soooooo shocked when I opened the door and found them at our house! LOL.

This is Miss Molly Piper at a mere 1 week old. Isn't she precious? To me, she had a big ol' head in this picture, but I gues that is normal for babies...big ol' melon to accomodate their growing brain! Anyway, here she is sporting her very first Eskimo Joe's apparrel....SO SWEET!

Now: THIS image of Molly with Santa was taken when she was EXACTLY 1 month old, on December 6, 2008! This was one of the very few times that she was asleep at such a young age, as she has (up until recently) only cat napped for 20 minutes at a time, here and there, preventing me from getting ANYthing done, work or around the house!!! She sure is adorable, though!

Molly's First Christmas stocking....gotta love Pottery Barn Kids! sweet, asleep in her basinette! SWEET baby girl!

What chou talkin' bout, Willis?!
...We were getting ready to go somewhere and I put her hat on her. She was NOT happy! Why do babies hate hats so much? Mommies love hats on their babies, but babies HATE them!! She was screaming and crying here, upset at having her hat on!

This was Molly's Valentine's Day picture we took here at home and put onto cards for everyone. My dad actually used the word "adorable" and it cracked me up!!! LOL. But it's true and the word is out: Molly Piper really IS adorable!!!

Well, she doesn't LOOK all that happy in this particular photo, but she was! Prior to my snapping the pic, she was smiling and laughing and just "talking" away!! check out the little bow in her hair! Sooo sweet, courtesty of Aunt Amy!! :)

Well, this picture is a little blurry but at least she is smiln' that pretty little smile!

This is Molly with her Aunt Susan, a good friend of mine. Aunt Vicki and Molly are below!

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