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Exciting Things Ahead for Us!

I am still in utter disbelief that Our Molly is 4 months old and weighs 15.9 and is 25 inches long! I look at her and all that goes through my mind is..."What?? How?!" and I kiss her 41.5-centimeter head and think, "Wow, you're growing but you're also so SMALL!" Every day, she simply amazes me. Daily, I am more and more and even more proud to be her mommy. I'm growing more confident, as is Todd, and I guess that's what it's all about: getting "in sync" with each other, learning a baby's personality and how to deal with said personality! Here at home, Molly has been good. Sometimes she is very demanding of our attention; I believe she gets bored easily!

Last night, Todd gave Molly his first bath by himself. I just HAD to get pictures! Todd was nervous, but Molly was just chillin'!!! She would smile and coo and it looks to me as if the expression on her face is, "Chill out, dad! You're doing a great job!" :)

Today, I took a few pictures of Miss Molly Piper while we were still in our jammies! Yeah, since I work at home, I have that luxury. I have to admit, sometimes I miss dressing and getting ready for a day filled with hitting goals and whatnot, but I ALSO must admit that I truly enjoy being here at home with Molly. It's great to get to see her do all the things that I've always dreamed about my child doing: rolling over, sitting, learning to hold her bottle, etc. I really am very blessed to be here at home with her, even if I AM very poor! LOL. That big, gummy smile makes it totally worthwhile, though, BELIEVE ME!! My heart melts and I just kiss her chubby wubby cheekie weekies! LOL.
Molly LOVES Miss Turtle!! She puts the different-colored feet in her mouth and the turtle makes crinkle sounds! She wears Miss Turtle like a bracelet, already! It's so cute to watch her chow down on Miss Turtle's feet! LOL....

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