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Molly is HOME!

Molly is home now! It's Sunday night, almost midnight, and I'm tying up "loose ends" that weren't tied this weekend. She is home, fed, swaddled and fast asleep on the couch! Her room is clean, as is the rest of the house. The taxes are done, the chicken breast is thawing for tomorrow night's Chinese Fried Rice and I've made out my Monday "TO DO" List. Yes, people, I am a listmaker. I live to be organized. If it ain't organized, I ain't happy! LOL. I finally had a chance to go through Molly's closet and sort out what still fits and what does not fit. I pulled down her canvas bin labeled "3-6 Months" and washed all those clothes and hung them in her closet. She's alllll set for the next 2 months, as my Baby Girl is going to be exactly 4 months old in about 5 days! Wow, I just canNOT believe this, either. Where, oh where, does the time go?

She was away all weekend but we went to church this morning and met back up with her. We then went to lunch with "G", Uncle Tony, Aunt Amy, Katelyn, Kole, Spencer. Molly actually slept through lunch and halfway through Wal-Mart afterward! The others (except for Tony) went on to the Circus while Todd and Molly and I left for Owasso Wal-Mart. We needed Pampers diaper wipes, orange juice, bottle nipples and Romain lettuce! WOW, what a combination! haha. I sat in back with Molly the whole way home just so I could look at her. I wound up dozing off, not realizing I needed a nap. We came home, Todd cleaned out Molly's humidifier and we snacked around for dinner. I vacuumed and Todd held Molly Piper. She seems as relaxed as we are. I sure did miss my little Sugar Cookie! She seems sooooo relaxed and happy; it just does my heart so much good that so many people LOVE Molly Piper Watts. She is such a smiley baby--WOW, what a change from when I was nursing her! You couldn't get a smile outta that baby for nothin'!!! LOL But now, well, she batts those gorgeous eyelashes and smiles that big, wide and gummy smile, and my heart just melts like chocolate in the summer...Todd plays with her and talks to her and it is absolutely sweet the way she looks at him like she adores him. I just LOVE it! They had tummy time while Mommy left and got a Dr. Pepper, a Sunday paper, mailed a letter and made a night drop deposit into my account at the bank. When I got home less than 20 minutes later, he still had her in his arms and she was STILL flashing that brilliant smile of hers. She sure is a sweet baby with a kind, sweet personality. I really want to nurture this about her so that she will be kind while growing up.

The world is SO VERY scary today. I don't want Molly to be corrupted or influenced negatively by it, but I know eventually I will not be able to protect her like we tend to do now. Most mornings hen we get up, I ask for God's help, because I sure can't make it by myself. I want Molly to love all the creatures of the world and have a compassionate, giving heart toward all of God's creatures. As an animal lover, this is VERY, VERY important to me. I help her to "pet" the kitties and she just lights up. The cats aren't so sure what to make of it, but if it makes My Molly happy, well, then that's all that matters! :) I want her to feel the tactile sensations in her fingers and palms and get those little brain synapses to firing right away. I want to expose her to as many learning opportunities as possible so that by the time she hits kindergarten she has an edge on her peers. I would NOT describe myself as competitive, but I DO know tht I want my child to be given anything I can possibly give to her to enrich her life, her self-esteem, her understanding of her world, because, well, SHE IS MY WORLD and I absolutely LOVE my world. When I was in high school, I was actually of the mindset that I could SAVE the world. But now all I want to do is hold My World in my arms everyday and tell her how much I love to her, read to her, sing (even if it IS off-key!) and just let her know that no matter what, I will always support, love and cherish her just like I did the day she came into my life... My goal is to strive to make her a productive citizen, a proactive child nad teenager, someone who marches to her own drum, you know? I want her to be friends with everyone, no matter how much money their families have or whether or not they dress from hand-me-downs or the best boutique one could shop at...I just hope and pray that Molly sees the PERSON instead of the superficial stuff, that's all. Superficial stuff is fun, sure, but when it comes down to it it means NOTHING. What is in someone's heart is what matters the VERY most, and I will work and work and work so that Molly Piper understands and grasps and practices this....

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