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Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Gig!

We are HOME and we are LOVING THAT! I love being at home. I also love to travel, so how crazy is that? I guess that means that no matter WHERE I am, I am at least happy and can make the MOST of it! LOL.

Molly did SOOOOOOOooooooooo well during our car rides to/from St. Louis. Seriously! She was a STAAAAAAAARRRR! She didn't fuss much, didn't cry a lot, and made Mommy and Daddy very happy with her manners in public! Yes, she smiled at almost EVERYONE! We always get so many complimnets on how happy Molly is. I'm like, "ooooh, she's happy NOW but if you could see her at home.....YIKES" but I don't say that of course.

I think she is bored of her Mommy and Daddy and the pussycats and puppy dogs! I think she is branching out. When we go to the court house she just coooooos and gurgles and blows raspberries at EVERYONE, followed by SMILES, of course!!!!! Yes, she likes to be among the crowds. I wonder, what does this mean? Do we have a socialite daughter?????? Because here at home I cannot calm her for love or money but out in a crowd she is fine and dandy. It's really frustrating for me, because working from home for myself, I get out maybe once or twice a week. It seems evident that Miss Molly needs to abget "out and out" at least once a day, and that is AT LEAST. UGH! She loves people. So do I; I just don't see the fasinination in them any longer, that's all! LOL.

We had a WONDERFUL time in St. Louis. Molly was the BEST baby! LOL. Our hostess, Patricia, even said so!

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Amber Smith said...

Oh Liz!!! what great pictures! Molly the Trolley! HAHAHAHA!! I LOVE the black & white of the three of you! Her smile is FANTASTIC! Wow... Noah doesn't smile near that big. She is DEFINITELY a social butterfly!

How awesome that the trip went well! I'm scared to take Noah on a long trip, and we've got one coming up the end of June. YIKES! We are driving about 6 hours to the Oregon coast for a week-long camping adventure. ACK! I'm soooo nervous!

*big hugs!!*

Amber, Jason & Noah!