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Meet Me in St. Louis...

Well, we're pulling outta here in about 2 hours. What has ALWAYS been about an 8 hour trip is about to turn into an 11 or 12 hour trip with Miss Molly Piper in tow! That's okay, though! We're prepared! I'm equipped so I should NOT have another frantic meltdown like when we went to see the Yankees play. Todd's equipped; he is sleeping right now. Molly, hopefully, will be equipped. It's 2:00 AM and she woke up about 30 minutes ago (which she NEVER does) so hopefully she will tire herself out and then sleep for a looooooong time so we can make some good road time!

Look out Mets, because our Cardinals are gonnna KICK YOUR REARS!!!

See ya'll in about a week!

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