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Whatever Happened To....

What the heck ever happened to Hamburger Haven??? My mother used to take me there about once or twice a month, and it was in Tulsa, and I absolutely thought it was devine!

Have these kinds of places been replaced with the likes of Chili's or Panera? UGH!!!

Whatever happened to the kinds of dining establishmnets where you could go and have FUN rather than the boring ol' being seated, being broght your drinks, food, dessert? Again, UGH!!! I soooooooooooo long for the "homestyle" and the "fun" to be brought back into the restaraunt scene.

I want to experience with Molly the good times I had with my own mom while dining out...which we did a LOT in Tulsa...and NO, my daughter was NOT named for Molly Murphy's restaurant! LOL....



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Anonymous said...

I just got caught up on my Princess, I didn't realize how long it's been since I've seen her!!! She is getting even more beautiful by the day!! But I will get to see her and love on her in just a few days. She will have to spend some quality time with Aunt Amy and Uncle Tony so Mom and Dad can sleep and "do the taxes"

Love ya