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Lime Green = GREAT!

Such a sweet, sweet girl!!! We love you, Molly Piper!
Say cheese! Todd bought Molly the Disney Princess Music & Lights walker the other night after he got off work. She loves it, but at this point only goes BACKWARDS in it! hahaha

In this picture, she's looking up at my dad, who came over to see Molly. Tell me again: WHY is she smiling? LOL. She gets a kick out of him; I don't know why!

Molly, trying to be camera me, THAT didn't last long. She LOVES the camera and just smiles and smiles whenever we snap her picture! She's so cute about it, so patient! Yay, Molly! Maybe you have your daddy's patience instead of mommy's IMpatience! Let's hope...

A happy baby girl, Miss Molly is! :)

Yeah, I'm chewing on my a problem with that?

Here I am, ladies and gentlemen, standing up on my new toy bucket my daddy bought for me. It's bendy, so it does not hurt me when I fall into it like my old, hard one did. I love it! It's pink, which makes it only tha much better!

I'm soooo strong! I'm not even 8 months old and I can pull up, cruise the furniture, crawl, sit up, catch myself when I lose my balance while sitting, AND I am trying to put my leg up to "crawl" up onto the couch or foot stool! I can also push the foot stool around the living room, walking and pushing it as I go. It's so much fun!!! And, it's so much fun for my mommy and daddy to watch me do this!

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