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We Miss You, Boogie!

Smiles....that is what I get most of the day!

Oh, how we miss our Molly Piper! She is with Aunt A and Uncle T and cousins Spencer and Kole and GG and Papaw this weekend, but we have sung our "made up" songs about Molly and have talked about her to no end. Is this NORMAL? It's like, even when she is not with us, we are still thinking about her. But, we know she is safe and well cared for this weekend, so we are rested and trying to get things done around the house that otherwise would go incompleted if Molly were here.

I just learned that Molly can drink from a 20-ounce bottle of water! How EXCITING!! I let her drink from my water here at home but she has not yet mastered the "cup" thing yet. Sippy cup? Yeah, that's too much work for her...but I guess Amy and Tony got her to drink from a bottle of water and she did really well! WOW! We are SO proud of you, Sugar Boogie!

Todd is at Wal-Mart, getting stuff for the week and buying a pool for Molly. We USED to have a HUGE pool before the building of the monstrous houses began across the pasture....and because of all the dirt and debrit from that, our HUGE POOL was we had to take it down. But now that we have a baby, Todd's getting Molly's first pool and it ought to be a blast for all of us. She LOVES bath time, so hopefully she will love pool time as well.

I have been working the majority of the day, with intermittent cleaning here and there. Todd got some of his personal stuff shredded that he needed to toss and I've worked. We have shared in the laundry. The dishes are all now clean, as is the laundry and hte carpet and the freezer and fridge. The bedding is being washes as I type this. I have yet to clean Miss Molly's room, though, and go through her clothes. She is 7 months old TODAY!!! YAY!!!! She is wearing 9-12 month clothes, depending on the brand, so I have to go through the next size up and wash/dry/put on hangers before she can actually wear them, as they've been in totes for hte last 1-1/2 years, at least! LOL. Seriously, I was planning for Molly even before she was ever conceived...just KNEW we would have our girl first...and we DID!

Still on my TO DO list are:

wash rugs (throw rugs)
clean out cat boxes
sweep/mop kitchen
clean Molly's room and dung out her closet
dung out MY closet!!!!
clean the bathroom (UGH!)
wash the curtains

I worked the better part of the day and Todd sifted through his paperwork and shredded what he felt he no longer needed. He is a total bill packrat. When he pays a bill, he keeps the receipt fo proof. NOT ME!!!! As soon as I pay it, that sucker goes to the trash! But my work area is a mess, which is VERY distracting. So...gotta get THAT clean before Molly comes back home! LOL.

We miss you, Molly Piper! We can't wait to see you, although mommy and daddy want to do their taxes again tonight! LOL.

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Anonymous said...

You're more than welcome. We will have to try to set up a regular schedule for her to come visit so you can get more rest and get those taxes done!!

Love ya