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YEAH, I'm what?

*we can roll from stomach to back.
*we can roll from back to stomach!
*we can reach "up" for people who want to pick us up and who good communication that htey WANT to pick me up!
*I can hold my own bottle!
*I can drink from a 20-ounce bottle (as reported by AA&UT but not witnessed by mommy and daddy....
*I am now using "regular folks'" detergent!!! (BIG milestone for daddy!)
*I am pulling up to the couch, the tin used for MOMMY's TABLE and the dog pin (as per Aunt Amy and Uncle Tony)/
*I can hold my own bottle...
*I love my G and I love my PawPaw very much!
*I believe that I love to watch Brutus and Devil Dawg get into "wrestling matches" while I try and doze off to sleep==the more noise, the BETTER!
*I want to meet my Uncle Butch very badly! My mommy thinks about him a LOT and I know she is concerned about his health...
*I can't believe I am 7 months old already. My mommy and daddy give me "double kisses: a lot and I smile my lucy toothy smile at both of precious am I???
*Uncle Tony, WHY do you have SUCH a hard time dealing with the bown my mommy thinks that I need? I know, I know: daddy does NOT think I need bows, either, but I simply DO! I am a girl, and girls find the need to accessorize, even at an EARLY age! LOL.
*While mommy and daddy prefer that I choose veggies over fruits, Aunt A and Uncle T tend to give me fruits and sweeter things rather than bland, veggie stuff....RIGHT? right. But... I still prefer green beans and squash as opposed to peaches and applesauce, as is on my FACE!!! LOL.
*I currently FIGHT sleep....OMG!!!! Only 1 day this week have I been able to put our Sugar Boogie to sleep....all the other nights, Todd has to do it, as I simply do not have th pateince or the stamina to survive Molly Piper Watts! LOL!
*I have started going to Aunt Amber's House 2 or 3 times a week, depending on how many days daddy has to work outside of the house that day...and I LOVE IT!!! Amber, if you're readin' this, you have GOT TO KNOW how much Molly enjoys you, Jessica, Abbi, Hunter and Wyatt.........truly, she LOVES you all and I simply do NOT know how to duplicate the same sounds at home.....SOOOOooooooooooo......we have been struggling wtih serious insomnia on
Any of our readers know how to combat sleepiness/sleepyness without bugging her family?
God Bless and Take Care.
Todd, Lz and Molly Piper Watts

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