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Oh Gosh!!!

Oh my GOODness!!! My memory is HORRIBLE! I got an email tonight with these tips for avoiding latter-age memory loss. UH....what about YOUNGER AGE memory loss? LOL

*Get plenty of regular exercise to boost oxygen to the brain and reduce your risk of disorders that can lead to memory loss. YEAH, right! I KNOW I need to exercise more, but HOW do you do it with a 7 month old? I tried to buy a used bicycle trailer, but it had already sold by the time I got to the Children's Orchard...Only other exercise I can think of is mall-strolling (which is 20 miles away) or roller skating (I have both indoor/outdoor wheels for my sk8s but hafta havemy
*Pack your diet full of vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and whole grain foods. We eat a LOT of veggies at our house, and thankfully Molly LOVES them! Her daddy and mommy ALSO love fact, in high school, her mommy was a I guess she comes by it honestly.
*Keep stress under control, which will help make it easier to concentrate., like, how do you do that?? LOL. Stress is my middle name....
*Get enough quality sleep each night. And HOW, do you propose, I do THAT with a teething baby who is also a NIGHTOWL?????? UH....guess I missed the chapter on that subject because nothing I do works. Only her DADDY seems to be able to put her to sleep as of late....maybe I am just not as patient????
*Avoid smoking, which increases the risk of vascular problems that can lead to stroke and reduce oxygen to the brain. Oh, ewwww. I will NEVER, I repeat NEVER smoke anything ever again in my life! At 5 or 6, I was curious and wanted to puff on my mom's cigarettes. She ultimately (after much debate) let me, and lemme tell ya, it was a GROSS experience. ICK! I think she let me take a hit simply to prove to me why she didn't want me to be interested in cigs, and it WORKED. It was a NASTY, DISGUSTING experience that I NEVER wish to take up or wish I had started before now. YUCK!! Why would you wanna inhale something so harmful? Lord knows I do NOT need reduced oxygen to my brain! I am ding-dong enough withough an abusive substance hindering me.....LOL.

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