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What Do You Do When….

As a parent, whaddyou do when your high chair is recalled? Last night, I was reading this month’s issue of PARENTS magazine, and lo and behold, our high chair has been recallled! What do I do? Molly does NOT sit in it well; she slides down in it, actually. UGH!! Therefore, we are still feeding her in the Bumbo seat, but she soon will be too big for her pink Bumbo….

What about parents who don’t read the magazine or get updates about recalled baby products? I feel badly for them, that’s what. After all, as a parent, I want to KNOW what is going on with my baby and would never intentionally put her in harm’s way. Using a recalled product, however, IS putting a child in harm’s way…but not knowing about the recall? I think it should be a requirement that they advertise WELL that such goods are recalled and what to do to remedy the situation. Not EVERY parent comes from the same economic or cultural background, and therefore may receive such information in various places or areas…not EVERYone has access to the web, as foreign to me as that is, but still….ALLL families are different in their beliefs but ALL families deserve to have knowledge associated to or pertaining to their childrens’ health, safety and well-being, no matter WHAT their access level is to outside information or income, etc.

Okay. Now I’ll get off my Mommy SoapBox. LOL.

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