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Easter Sunday

First of all, I owe EVERYBODY an apology! I have been mostly out of commission this week what with the fatigue and the nausea. I haven’t been there for my friends. I haven’t returned phone calls or email. I slept through a lunch date with a friend I haven’t seen since high school! I haven’t cooked a few nights and instead insisted on dining out! And above all, I haven’t even posted pictures of our very first ultrasound!

The last thing, the ultrasound, well, we don’t have a scanner so I have no way of scanning it into the computer to show everyone. But basically, just imagine a very distorted PEANUT and there you have it…our baby’s very first photo shoot! My OB gave us 5 pictures, and they all show varying positions of virtually the same thing—this curved, slightly cute, peanut-resembling embryo. Because our kid is at this time the size of a blueberry, the Doppler didn’t really pick up any of the details that I’d expected and hoped to see, but at least we KNOW that EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE, AND WHERE IT SHOULD BE! There is a BABY in there, in the right spot. It’s not in a tube and it’s not invisible…IT’s THERE! And it’s kind of surreal…

And yes, the most exciting thing is that we got to see the heart beating! It looked to me like a distant, flashing light, but yep, we saw it! Todd was so cute, too: he was so happy it looked like he was about to bust open his seams. We were both elated and just giddy with happiness after the appointment. To celebrate, we went to Chili’s for lunch and just bathed in the satisfaction and excitement of knowing that, in a good 8 months, our lives will never be the same again. Gone will be the days when we can just decide on the spur of the moment to go to Wal-Mart at 8 PM. If we want to do that, we’ll have to make allowances for Baby’s sleep schedule, his/her eating schedule, the weather. I’ve been reading that routine with a baby is of utmost importance, and it just makes sense. I didn’t have much routine or consistency as a child and to this day I’m still all over the place and spontaneous and ready to try anything. But I DO believe that a daily routine is best and most beneficial for babies and toddlers. Like I said…it just makes the best sense.

We went to church today and my cuz Amy gave me a few gifts from my Aunt Rose: This GREAT Baby & Toddler 411 Giftset, which I’ve had my nose stuck in ALL DAY! The set includes 2 books, one for each age range, and there are so many helpful tips in there. I could read information like that all day long. They’re very well-written, informational and fact-filled. I’m learning things I didn’t know and have never even considered, such as the potential health hazards of plastic bottles versus glass or the drop-in systems, for example. It also has a great deal of information on breastfeeding and talks in depth about the entire process of it and gives time lines and feeding guidelines for breast and formula-fed babies. Along with the books was a package of Preggie Pop Drops! I was so surprised AND so thrilled! These things WORK, I’m telling you, and since I can’t really get saltine crackers down the hatch (the consistency of them just does not work for me post gastric bypass surgery) the Preggie Pop Drops are purrrrrrfect. They taste just like a sour fruit candy but include ingredients to curb or take away the nausea, which has been heightened the last week or so. THANKS SO MUCH, AUNT ROSE!! You don’t know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Until next time, everybody take care!


Anonymous said...

im so glad to hear everything went well. i was getting a lil worried you havent blogged in a few days i cheak it daily. hehehehe. ohhhh and theres this book thats absoulutly amazing called "what to expect when your expecting" you just got to get it it tells all about the wonderious thing the other baby books fail to mention.. and its written by a real woman that says things in our language so your not just sitting there saying huh? and absoulutly filled with all the real things those others leave out lmao if it wasnt for that book i may have just fallen over when i lost my mucous plug lmao hahaha well guess ill leave on that note . hahahaha love ya Amber

Candy said...

Hey girly...Don't worry to much about the scedual thing...I had a scedualed life and now I am ALL OVER THE PLACE...hehe!

I kinda of Have Kya on a scedual but not you can tell from reading my BLOG we are always traveling and on the go. I just try to make sure she gets a nap and then for my OWN sleep needs I nap when she does...yes the laundry piles up by me doing this but I have a lot more energy to play with her...which I think is the most important. GLAD THAT BABY IS REALLY THERE...HUGS