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Greetings from Oklahoma

Hey ya'll!

Well, I'm about 5 weeks pregnant as of today and, to my dismay, there isn't really anything positive on the Internet regarding pregnancy after WLS. Sure, after much searching and looking, I've found thousands of message boards, forums, etc., but there simply aren't any SITES, you know, that give a step-by-step account of someone's experiences with pregnancy after this life-changing experience we losers call Gastric Bypass Surgery.

With this blog, I hope to change that.

I'm from a small town in Oklahoma and will be 2 years post-Roux En Y laparoscopic GBS in May 2008. I've lost a total of 101 pounds and feel and look amazing. In my first trimester, I'm starting to creep back up on the scale but with my husband's encouragement I'm trying to refrain from freaking out about it. After all, there is another life growing inside me and that requires about 300 extra calories each day, and since it's winter and I'm not exercising much, that's gonna equate to SOME weight gain, right? RIGHT.

Anyway, here I am. I got the idea to start this blog while in the shower this morning, which is where I do some of my best thinking. The thing is, I'm on MySpace, but I am growing tired of it and figured that not everybody wanted to read about how well this pregnancy is progressing. I figured I needed a very focused forum where I could concentrate the entire thing on the subject of PREGNANCY AFTER GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY and rather than bore others to tears on MySpace I decided to come here as an alternative and so far, so good.

So...WELCOME! Sit back, relax and enjoy this little expression of my world. It's been a long time coming, this baby, and I feel very positive with it being our first and all. We're psyched and I want nothing more than to shout it from the rooftops about how happy I am at this awesome stage in my life. Instead, though, I guess I'll start here...but look for me soon on a rooftop near you!




Anonymous said...

Best wishes and good luck in your pregnancy ! It was always nice talking to you when you came into the store! Take Care ! Oh ~~ This is Adam from Supplement Shak ~~

Anonymous said...

from :amber
awwww, this is great and im so happy for you and i plan to keep up with everything . i added your page to my favorites and cant wait to see it all . love ya girly

Anonymous said...

What a great idea this is. I am so happy for you and Todd and look forward to following this incredible journey with you. I will be checking on here often. Love ya, Dianne

Anonymous said...

from: UNCLE B -

Lizzy Lohan,

Where do I start? What an emotional time for you and Toddy. I couldn't ask for better friends. I am so excited to be Uncle B - I cannot wait to spoil the hell out of that lil one. I'm banking on a boy. I'll love the little chica the same. Thanks for always being there for me. I am supportive of you and Todd 150%.

Talk to ya guyz soon! Love Ya -