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Oh So Tired!!

Why must pregnancy require a woman to be so tired all the time?! I have truthfully had 3 naps today, even sleeping through church this morning after having gotten ready, getting pooped out and lying back down “just for a few minutes”, only to wake up at the same time church was starting!

Then on my way home from Claremore I became so sleepy I almost fell asleep while driving! I came home, put on my jammies and proceeded to power nap for about an hour.

THEN, right after dinner I had to take another nap! Todd said he would wake me in exactly 1 hour but there it was, two hours later, before I actually opened my eyes, alarmed that I’d slept so long!

I also feel that I “dump” more now that I am pregnant. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term as it relates to gastric bypass surgery, this means that, quite frankly, food passes through the system too quickly and the result is just a very tired, icky feeling. I seem to dump HARD now whenever I eat anything sweet or starchy, just like right after surgery. With time and increasingly pushing my sweet limits, my dumping tolerance has widened but it seems that for this pregnancy I’m right back to Square One, and I’m not necessarily saying that’s bad. I am, after all, trying to adjust my eating habits to include more fruits and veggies but I still have that darned sweet tooth that just can’t be cured by a yogurt or a fresh strawberry! Sometimes, I just need good ol’ plain CHOCOLATE! Todd and I both bought several boxes of Girl Scout cookies this year (hey, it’s “for a good cause”) and together we’ve managed to polish off a box of Samoas already. And a few times a week, I like to enjoy a refreshing orange slush. YUM! See, I can still eat these things but not without consequence. Gastric Bypass surgery, I suppose, will do that to you.

I also lost a pound yesterday. Don’t know how or why, but I did. OMG, I was incredibly nauseated yesterday after I got home from the bank and started working a bit. Luckily I had purchased some Preggy Pops the day before from the Motherhood store in Tulsa. I popped one of the sugar free sour fruit drops of candy and within 15 minutes my nausea was almost completely relieved. So, next time I’m in Tulsa again I’ll be purchasing more of these Preggy Pops. I think it’s pretty much an ingenious concoction and they really taste good, too. A little pricey, so I’m kind of chintzy with them (“hopefully just ONE will kill the nausea this time…”) but in all, I’m glad to have found something so early on that hopefully will cure the queasiness and ill-feelings that are just so unpleasant! These Preggy Pop drops did it for me yesterday, so I’m officially sold on them, at least until they stop working for me. When that happens, I do have some organic ginger tea, but I don’t like the taste of ginger unless we’re talking about a gingersnap, so we’ll see. Hopefully the Preggy Pops have got what it takes to cure what ails me. The Remedy!

Another problem I’m experiencing at this stage is crazywickednutso constipation. We’re talking, GET OUTTA DODGE crazy. We’re talking, IT AIN’T OVER TIL THE FAT LADY SINGS crazy. I take something morning and night to ease this but so far nothing, and I mean NOTHING has answered my prayers in this department. I won’t go into any more detail, but I don’t know if this is pregnancy-after-gastric-bypass related or not, or if this is what all preggo women experience at some point or another, but it’s out of hand, so if you have any clue as to what might work, please fill me in. Chances are that I’ve tried it but then again, try me. I am willing to try almost ANYTHING at this point to relieve the discomfort.

As far as bodily changes, there aren’t really any so far. The weight seems to have settled around my hips/thigh/buttocks area, though, so I’m a little heavier there than anyplace else. I wish I could get on my skates and skate it off, but I KNOW that extra padding here is NORMAL when you’re getting ready to spring forth another human being from your loins. I’m not used to the extra fleshiness or fullness in my thighs, so I admit it wigs me out a little, but I ALSO KNOW that it is important and beneficial. I have always had birthin’ hips (hey, it runs in my family, right Amy?) but now they are really…. BIRTHIN’ HIPS. Trust me on this. I take up my entire chair now rather than leaving 4 inches on each side of it. I just keep breathing and telling myself that it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay!

It’s okay!!!

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Anonymous said...

Birthin hips is right! I've just always had mine and probably always will. Yours will probably go away again after the baby!

Love ya