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Oh Boy! Oh No!

I just woke up and it’s 2:41 AM. The thing is, I had a dream that we’re having a BOY! Yep, that’s right. Let me tell you about it….

I dreamt I was standing beside a creek, up on the bank. In the water were 3 women, and they were asking me what I’ve been craving. I told them I had been wanting a lot of sweets and carbs. They all 3 threw back their heads and laughed and exclaimed, “You’re having a BOY!” When I asked how they knew one of the women said, “Women who crave sweets and carbs have baby boys!”

Even in my dream I was shocked!

So there you have it. My weird dream. Is it true? Am I having a stinky, dirty, smells-like-earthworms BOY???! I soooo want to cry right now.

The crazy thing? I craved sweets and carbs a LONG time before I ever got pregnant. So is there really any truth to this dream of mine? I don’t really put a LOT of significance into dreams but I do believe that sometimes they do tell us things we want to know, if we pay attention and listen to them. I am really going to go out of my head with this one because I tend to want to analyze, analyze, analyze, and this dream is no exception to my situational neuroses. GADS!

The main thing, I suppose, is that we have a HEALTHY baby. I have said from the start of this pregnancy that I didn’t really care, so long as Baby Watts is HEALTHY! And, that is truly how I feel. But when I think of little girls I think of sweetness. And all those GIRL CLOTHES hanging in the closet? Fuggetaboudit! I am SO not prepared for a baby boy. Sure, I have a few clothes and things but really I don’t know that I am EMOTIONALLY prepared. I’ve seen those movies where they pee all over the place. I’ve heard parents comment on the messes they make in the bathroom, thinking it’s funny to decorate the wall when they’re learning to write their ABCs. I’ve smelled that salty, earthwormy smell of a sweaty little boy. EW. That is all I can say. EW.

You know what, though? Even if I AM craving sweets… Well, my hubby is a boy and he doesn’t even LIKE sweets. In fact, many guys I know care nothing for sweets. So why would I be craving sweets and having a boy? Hmmmm?

This dream has me wigging out. In an age of instant gratification, I fit right in: I want to know NOW what we’re having. I want to go in to our April appointment and have the OB tell me, “Mrs. Watts, you’re having a baby GIRL!” Of course, I know that is not going to happen. And really, I have been diligent about thanking God for this baby, no matter what, no matter what. Last time, I said I did not want a boy and look what happened. This time, I’m REALLY trying to practice an attitude of gratitude and look at it with a thankful heart because I really AM thankful and I really AM grateful for the awesome chance to be a mommy…no matter if it turns out to be a boy OR a girl.

Just to ready myself, I better put the brakes on buying stuff for Baby Watts for now. Heck, instead of eyelet-collared onesies and pink and white colors, I need to think about buying Peepee Teepees and blue and navy and gray.

All I can say is that it’s a good thing our nursery bedding and stroller combo are fit for either a boy or girl. I’d be having a ringtail fit right about now if I’d purchased a gender-specific big ticket item…



Anonymous said...

lmao, havent heard that one before. hahahahaha! sister i think its time to pee in the crystal drano i have been whitness to this test aprox. 11-12 times and only once did it fail , hell it couldnt hurt could it but really DO NOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN..... BAD FUMES I NEED TO CONDUCT THE PROJECT!!!! and as for boys and girls honestly i have to say it may be fun to dress up the lil girls ,but if i were to ever have another baby which isnt going to happen i would want another boy! i love my abbi but honestly DRAMA !!! everything is a emotional tragedy , drama drama drama... and attitude ! what id give to someone if they would just come and snap the attitude out of her omg sometimes i just wanna knock her out ..... the argueing, backtalking, bitchyness, temper, ect...... as for boys Wyatt is 6 and still sweet and wants to love on his mommy all the time yes he has tantrums sometimes but never like Abbi. he is always been sweet and loveable and non dramatic. and honestly if ya gave my two heathens the sniff test after a whole day outside playing in the heat and dirt you would wonder if wyatt had just had a bath and as for Abbi well your poor nose would burn and fall off !!!! hahahahahahaha
well laters for now love ya Amber

Anonymous said...

I craved salad from Ken's when I was pregnant. You've seen my wonderful little boy. Of course I ma biased. I thought I wanted a girl when I was pregnant but now being around Spencer and Katie I thank God every day he didn't give me what I asked for.

Love ya