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Molly Piper was a total set of TURKEY LIPS today...she would NOT sleep worth a darn and I couldn't get anything done. We had tummy time complete with finger puppets. We had Baby Einstein time. We had Outside Time, because it was so nice. We had tummy time again!!! We watched BabyFirst TV. I used the "Night Night Balm" on her, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!! I do not know WHAT in the heck is going on! Todd and I wonder if she's going through a growth spurt or if I'm not feeding her enough, or just WHAT THE HECK!!

Turkey lips or not, she is a sweetie, though. She is going to be exactly 16 weeks old in about 58 minutes. WOW! It is bittersweet when I write that, because I canNOT believe she is getting to be so big, so soon! Where, oh where, did my Tiny Baby go?!

Molly is very responsive to my face. When I smile, she soon, too, will pop a dazzling, gummy smile that makes me want to weep with happiness. When I frown, she wrinkles her brow and she, too, will frown. This impresses upon me just HOW important it actually is to keep a good attitude in front of my baby and of course, if Todd and I fight, not to have "words" in front of her. She picks up on EVERYthing, it seems, even now, at such a young age. Every day, she simply amazes me...

She is rolling over now, I think I've reported before, but she won't do it for Todd. I wish my mom were here to see it. I wish she were here to see a lot of things, but cest la vie, right? THAT'S LIFE. or death. whichever.

In any case, Molly and I have a big day planned for Thursday. We haven't been out of the house since Monday *UGH* so I am hoping Thursday's ventures out will help Molly get back into her routine. We are meeting Cindy and Mackenzie at the mall at 9:00 for some walking. Then we hafta go to the post office to mail a package to our friends in the Seattle area! THEN, we hit Wal-Mart! Then on to Quiznos to get Molly's daddy a submarine sandwich. After that, we're gonna venture over to Dr. Newby's office for dog food. All 5 cats and both dogs are on presciption food, so we have to buy it at the vet's office. Then, we finish up with a visit to Price's Old Fashioned Meat Market, where we buy our meat. I need chicken breasts and potato salad! LOL.

I think getting out of the house is as good for Molly Piper as it is for me. It gives her a chance to experience new things and it gives me a chance to say something other than "OOoh, did we make stinky shoo shoo yet?!" or whatever. You know: Actual, real-life, adult conversation. Sure, when Todd is home we talk, but any more it's about Molly, or what Molly did all day or didn't do all day (like SLEEP, which did NOT happen today!!!). It's just sort of nice to get out and see things outside of my home, that's all. I'm very blessed and thankful for my life and my home but sometimes it is nice to just walk around Wal-Mart or the mall and take my time in the world. I think Molly really enjoys the lull of the noisy stores: Uhhh, she MUST or else she wouldn't fall asleep! hahahha! Yep: Big Day planned for Thursday! YAY!

This morning I was up with Molly and watched an infomercial on "Your Baby Can Read". I don't know what to think about it, not really, but I went ahead and ordered it after doing some spotty online research about it. See,the thing is, I want to expose Molly to an array of experiences. I want her to be SMART, you know? I want her to be able to do whatever she wants when she gets out of high school, hopefully attending college and playing sports, etc. But I have it in my head that if I START NOW, she will grow into the smart, sweet, friendly, compassionate daugher that I have always wished for. I don't want to push her...but I DO want to expose her to the many things out there in the world today to help develop her brain and her intellectual and emotional stamina. I truly, honestly, want the best for her and will go to almost any length to provider that to her. "Your Baby Can Read": I'm hoping it's not a bunch of hoo ha. I'm hoping it's the real deal and that Molly will actually benefit from it.

We shall see...we shall see... :)

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