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Jammin' Out....

Okay, it's almost 11:00 PM and I've had a glass of red wine...I'm all alone and I'm jammin' out to iTunes!! A litte bit of Greg Kihn, a lil bit of Dolly Parton, a lil bit of The Cure, a lil bit of Lucinda Williams....WOW, gotta love iTunes! I am really enjoying myself tonight. If Molly were here, she would be asleep by now (um, hopefully!) and if Todd were here he'd either be reading or watching I'm totally jamming out now, the headphones are TOTALLY unplugged and I'm doing laundry... LOL. If Molly and Todd were here, I'd have my headphones on but would NOT be dancing around the living room like a total weirdo! LOL. So, I'm doing that tonight! Now, "Closing Time" is on, by Semisonic, and I'm diggin' it! hahha. As I said, gotta luv iTunes!

In a minute, I've got to make up Molly's schedule for this next week, learning activities, so I'm totally enjoying some time to myself for right now.... :)

OOoh, a little Joe Walsh....a little Nelly (um, Todd, did you upload the song "Country Grammer" because, um, I did NOT!!!) LOL. Oooh, look at that, a little Plumb here, some Don Henley there....

....15 minutes later (yeah, I've been dancing 'round the room)...The Who with Eminence Front is on our iTunes library. I swear, Todd is a music junkie and knows just about every band out there! I soooooo love that about him!!! Music and baseball, baseball and music....what a SEXXXXXXXY guy!!! xoxoxox LOL.

Yeah, I'm feelin' my red wine. Hey, and since I'm no longer pregnant OR nursing...well, I'm entitled, right?! Except for last weekend's birthday party, well, my social life has been pretty ho-hum....OOH! PRINCE is on!!! Gotta go!!! :))))


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