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WOW!! It Sure is Quiet Here Tonight!

WOW!! That's about all I can say...WOW!

Molly isn't here. Todd isn't here. I have the house to myself other than the kitties and the doggies! LOL. I am getting much-needed work done, but OHMYGOSH the house is sooooooo quiet (Yeah...Todd even turned off the TV before he left! LOL) so I hardly know what to do or think!

It's been a crazy day, car shopping and then rushing back so I could get some work done before doing taxes and hitting the hay...LOL. I am working, but thought I would take a break and blog for a second.

Our house has been overtaken by baby toys, baby programming on TV and burp cloths...tonight, all of that seems eerily like a distant memory. It's, well, STRANGE, to say the least., does this make me a bad mom and wife to say that it's....KINDA NICE to have peace and quiet and not be on edge about waking Molly or feeding Molly or making dinner for Todd, etc? Or, does this make me a normal "mom"?? I HOPE it makes me sound like a normal mom. I have been so keyed up and anxious lately...don't know what that is about...but I have. I NEEDED THIS BREAK, so thank you, Amy and Tony for taking Molly, and thank you Todd for leaving for a few hours to give me some peace and quiet. My emotional and mental health thanks alllllll 3 of you!!!


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