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Candy's Baby Shower!!!!

Well...all I can say is that I canNOT believe we are 32....or 31 in Candy's case! It just blows my mind, how these past years have flown by. Lisa has 3 kiddos, LaRonna has 1, Mark has 2, I just had one, and Candy's getting ready to welcome I said, it just BLOWS MY MIND!!!

Congratulations, Candy! You'll be a wonderful mommy to Baby Boy Fite.

I have to admit, it is heartbreaking, how quickly the years are passing. Today was a real eye-opener...Candy and I are probably the last ones in our graduating class to have babies! Candy is only a "baby" at only 31, when the rest of us are 32, but I am CERTAIN she will make a great mommy to Baby Boy Fite.

I am a little nostalgic tonight as I look back on alllllllllll these years and see what I could have done differently. Of course, had I done *anything* differently, it could have possibly interfered with my meeting Todd, the love of my life, and having Molly, the other love of my life...It just makes me a little teary to see my friends from high school and see how well they are doing...everybody has their own lives, their own intricacies, and I think it's a beautiful just makes me a little nostalgic to think that ***WOWZA***now we are THIS OLD and we all have our own lives and loves and families and careers and, well, LIVES. It did my heart such good to know that everyone is doing well, even though some that I expected to show didn't make it. Even so, it was great visiting with Terri, Mark, LaRonna, LaRonna's mom, Margie Riner, Mrs. Stinnett, Mrs. Spurgeon, etc. Molly was sooooooooooooooo good at the shower. She actually napped for a significant portion of the shower, so that was good...NO SCREAMING!! LOL. Todd dressed her this morning and got her all ready, and I took her with me to the baby shower. He had to go to Owasso and then through Bartlesville, so we met him in Bartlesville and went to lunch at McAlister's and then to Wal-Mart. He bought Molly a Precious Planet Jumparoo and a cardigan for one of her outfits. SO CUTE!!!

Wal-Mart was a madhouse!! Last-Minute Valentine's Day shoppers, I suppose. But NOT ME!!! LOL. Todd had flowers sent to the house for V-day!! WOW!! I haven't had fresh flowers since I was in the hospital with Molly,and before that it was when I was still working for Grand Lake Mental Health that I received flowers, so it was an AWESOME surprise today to receive them! PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOR, all shades of pink, so just like my wedding bouquet, this is what he sent me...alllllllll shades of pink, and the arrangement is just gorgeous.

I am so thankful for my life. I am sooooo very thankful for my thoughtful, considerate, caring husband and our sweet, beautiful baby daughter! For Valentine's Day, I bought Todd all-inclusive tickets to see the Cards versus Mets...CHAMPION'S CLUB, HERE WE COME!!! Molly Piper got her daddy gift certificates for our week in St. Louis for dining establishments for Mike Shannon's and the Pujols 5 Grille. CAN'T WAIT for April to get here!!! We are going to live it up in St. Louis, which is where I would live if we ever leave Nowata. I love that town!! We are planning to go later in the summer as well, when it is warmer, and I cannot wait for that, either! Every summer my husband and I "do" St. Louis and it is awesome. I would TOTALLY move there if we ever won the lottery!! LOL. I hope Molly Piper loves St. Louis just as much as Todd and I do. The town has a lot of energy and just always seems to be "hopping" and that is what I love about it. Something new each and every day we are there. Zia's and Chevy's, however, are a "regular" in our itenerary and they will NOT be left out this year, you can bet on that!


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