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Molly Piper and Her Soft Lambie

For Christmas, Todd's Aunt Rita bought Molly clothes and this sweet little lamb. It's cheeks light up when you press its tummy and it plays the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". MOLLY LOVES THIS THING!! I do not know WHAT the heck we're gonna do when it finally runs out of juice...Molly LOVES IT...she smiles so big and then grabs it and hugs it to her chest and just smiles like she is soooo happy that her lambie is singing to her! Really, it is just the sweetest thing to watch. I want to cry when she does this, just because it is so adorable! :)

This morning, the little turkey woke up at 7-something (after not going to sleep until almost 1-something!) and Todd was already up so he took care of her. When I FINALLY woke up at 10-something, Molly was asleep in her bouncee and hugging her Lambie! Sooooo sweet! We had to get pictures with the digital camera and of course Todd's phone.

I kiss her sweet cheeks and it melts my heart. Her big, blue eyes look up at me and I just melt. She is my heart and soul. I would do ANYTHING for this little girl; she has us both absolutely WRAPPED around her teeny, tiny finger! I think about her constantly and wonder how she is feeling, although I know that she cannot tell me. I try to read to her and expose her to different things; I want her to be SMART! I want her to have manners, compassion and lots of love for other living beings. I want her to be like my friend Bekki's little girl and say "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" and "please" and "thank you". I CONSTANTLY have my nose in the books and online learning just how to make this happen. LOL....
I just finished planning our menu halfway through March. Rumor has it that there will be another layoff at CentriLift, and I am just hoping and praying that Todd isn't included in that layoff. If he is, our little family will be devastated, as he is our main breadwinner. We keep our money separate but he pays the big bills such as the car and the house...and unfortunately, unemployment doesn't pay that well, this point all I can do is PRAY LIKE A MANIAC that it doesn't happen. If it does happen, well, I can just pray that God has his hand on us and that we learn to trust Him more and let go of worries....I only work part-time since Molly has been with us, and it's been hard for me to responsibly meet my dues here and there, but everything has worked out for the best SO FAR, so I am confident that if "IT" happens, we can manage...I just worry like mad, even though I try to keep it to myself and not let that dear husband of mine know exactly how much I worry...the economy is SO horrible right now, it's pathetic.
It makes me sick the way Obama is regarded as being such a Savior to our economy. Uh...if he and his Big Government want to be so highly regarded, well, howza bout letting the poor, unfortunate folks who actually are laid off, howza bout letting THEM take out their 401s free and clear, no penalty? Hmmmm? How about that? No taxation and no end-of-year tax penalty, well, that would be nice. And that could REALLY help families who have suffered because of job loss or reduced income by way of unemployment benefits (which are SOOOO sucky!!!). I swear, when I quit GLMHC after 7 years of working for them, I was taxed out my ears both when I initially took out my money AND at the end of the year; the government actually counted the ENTIRE amount as earned income!!! WHAT A RIP!!! So technically I had to pay taxes on my OWN MONEY twice==SO NOT FAIR....But please, don't EVEN get me started! LOL. I could go on FOREVER, but since this is, essentially, my daughter's blog, I will not do that.....
Ta-ta for now....I have ordered a tutu and a new bow for Molly and can't wait to have her Easter pictures taken in them! We just got 15 bows in the mail today and I canNOT wait for her to wear them!
liz and molly piper

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